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Trippy Treats Magic shrooms chocolate bars

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Discover Mind-Blowing Trippy Treats at MungusShrooms.com.

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Enjoy a trip to a mushroom chocolate bar.

  • If you’re in the mood for something chocolatey Our Trance-Inducing Mushroom Bars are a must-try.
  • Produced from the highest quality organic chocolate, and then blended with powerful mushroom extracts.
  • The bars are created in order to please your sweet cravings, while taking your senses on an exciting journey.
  • Get ready for a string of tastes that will take you to pure bliss.
  • For those looking for a distinctive and rejuvenating experience we have Magical Mushroom Tea Blends are exactly the thing you’re looking for.

And, more importantly,

  • These carefully selected blends mix the highest quality tea leaves with hand-picked mushroom to create an unison that stimulates the body, mind and soul.
  • Drink a glass of calm and watch your world transform into a vast universe of endless possibilities.
  • At MungusShrooms.com We are dedicated to supplying you with the best quality Trippy treats while ensuring your safety and satisfaction.
  • Our products undergo rigorous tests to ensure that they meet the most stringent standards of purity and quality.
  • Our ingredients come from trusted suppliers, and we employ strict quality control procedures to ensure that you enjoy without worry.
  • Making a purchase from MungusShrooms.com is an easy and safe experience.
  • In this case, thanks to our user-friendly website as well as solid delivery services, we can count on to receive your Trippy Treats to be delivered quickly and in a discreet manner.
  • Our team of customer service will be there to assist you and ensure that your adventure to the realm of psychedelic tastes is truly remarkable.

So, are you eager to entice your taste buds and take your food experience to new heights?

Check out MungusShrooms.com today and discover our amazing collection of trippy treats.

Prepare to embark on a culinary journey that will leave you wanting more.

Trippy Treats Magic Shrooms Chocolate Bars

This variety of Magic Shrooms chocolate bars is the most premium psilocybin chocolate bar available on the market, made by removing the psilocybin from the mushroom.

It provides a pure high, removing the irritable stomach sensations that users experience from eating mushrooms.

Our extraction technology puts chocolate bars in the top tier of chocolate bars, making a product far more secure.

In the absence of any harmful substances and dosed more precisely, the product has been found to reduce stress and depression, improve concentration, and stimulate brain cell growth.

It is recommended to start slowly in a secure setting. not drive in any motor vehicle during the use of this product.

  • 4G Magic chocolate bar with mushrooms
  • Includes 12 pieces – There are 33 G to each one
  • Dosage Recommendations
  • Micro-dose:1/2 – 1
  • Mild Trip 6 pieces
  • Deep Trip: 12 pieces
  • Made in California
Trippy Treats
Trippy Treats Magic shrooms chocolate bars – Free Shipping USA

Trippy Treats Chocolate Bars Online

They are made of premium Swiss dairy chocolate with honey and nougat made from almonds.

Our exclusive blend offers an exhilarating texture that is a combination of chocolate and nougat in each bite.

Golden Teachers are a favorite with psychonauts from all over the world due to their spiritual and reflective qualities.

Mail Order

  • After about 10-40 minutes of eating The Magic Mushroom ChocoNaut After 10-40 minutes, you will be able to feel more positive with excitement and joy.
  • Depending on the intensity depending on the dose, you can be able to experience moderate to extreme visual changes.
  • It’s possible to believe that things are as you breathe, but the surrounding environment will appear more energetic and you’ll be surrounded by contemplative thoughts.
  • The art and music will appear and feel more and you’ll be able to be able to appreciate the art and music more deeply and will be able to communicate the artist or the music to yourself on an personal scale.
  • However, the standard museum dosage (0.5-1.5g) and the moderate (2-3.5g) can offer you between 3 to 6 hours of travel.


  • If you’re looking for a delicious method to indulge in trippy snacks, try our choco bars is a great choice.. You’ll be awed by the classic Milk Chocolate Bar.
  • We have our Magic Mushroom Milk Chocolate Bar will satisfy any sweet craving.
  • Each chocolate bar contains 3.5 grams of top-quality magical mushrooms, infused in the trippy treat the chocolate bars cost.
  • Buy Golden Teacher Capsules for sale. Chocolate truffles might attract more attention during gift-giving occasions however bars can be enjoyable and indulgent, especially when presented in this way.
  • The carefully curated Dark Chocolate Bar Library from Lake Champlain is perfect for the foodies or chocoholics you have in your family.
  • It has a low-calorie count and less than 5g fat. The sought-after 100 Grand chocolate bar is one of the most nutritious.
  • Its chewy middle and crisp outer coating makes it an excellent afternoon snack when paired with tea.

Trippy Treats Review

Experience astonishing flavors and honest reviews.

Are you in search of an unforgettable culinary experience that is different from the norm? Take a look at Trippy Treats.

An immersive experience of delicious treats that are created to stimulate the senses and provide exciting experiences.

Enjoy a thrilling mix of colors, tastes, and experiences as the journey begins on an incredible journey across Trippy Treats’ realm.

What are Trippy Treats?

These sweets go beyond pleasing your appetite. They’re art pieces that combine culinary flair with creative knowledge to take you to a state of blissful joy.

From CBD-infused gummies to herbal teas and psychedelic chocolates, each treat takes you on an experience that entices every sense while leaving you craving more!

The Power of Reviews

We understand the importance of honest and comprehensive reviews in the quest to discover new flavors and experiences.

Our team of reviewers thoroughly tests and evaluates a large assortment of Trippy Treats while meticulously logging their experiences so that you can get valuable insight into the flavor effects and overall quality.

These reviews will serve as your guide to understanding the flavor profiles, impact on health, and overall quality of every dessert as you look through them!

Unlocking Experience

At Treatz Labs, we pay particular attention to every aspect of the treat, from opening the box and consuming your first bite to an analysis of texture,

spotting colors, and analyzing taste profiles, so that we can provide accurate reviews of the relaxing or mood-enhancing benefits of CBD-rich natural supplements such as hemp.

Your Guide

Whatever your position on where you are on your Trippy Treat journey Our reviews have an array of options for everyone’s tastes and levels of expertise.

From tart and sweet treats to indulgences, there’s certain to be something suitable for all!

Why reviews matter

Trippy Treats reviews transcend the realm of opinions.

They allow you to make informed decisions and experience pleasant tastes that are tailored to your individual tastes.

When you understand how other people have discovered new foods, you can easily broaden your horizons in the kitchen.

Join the community.

Do you want something new to taste? 

Sign up for our Trippy Treats Community today and explore a variety of tastes of colors, sensations, and flavors.

Visit our website to read reviews written by other adventurers who are inspired by the desire to discover this fascinating world.


Trippy Treats aren’t only snack items; they are the gateway to an array of enthralling flavors and sensations.

With the benefit of impartial reviews available, you are able to confidently accept

new flavors and embark on a trip that will leave your body and mind feeling refreshed.

Welcome to the universe of Trippy Treats chocolate bars. Each taste is a celebration of the exceptional.

4 reviews for Trippy Treats Magic shrooms chocolate bars

  1. Emilia Sandals

    I recently tried the Trippy Treats from mungusshrooms.com, and they were a delightful experience! The flavors were unique and the textures were satisfying. While they didn’t completely blow my mind, they definitely provided a fun and uplifting sensation. I appreciate the quality and creativity put into these treats. Looking forward to trying more from mungusshrooms.com!

  2. Theo Benjamin

    Trippy Treats from mungusshrooms.com exceeded my expectations! The flavors were absolutely mind-blowing, and the effects were pure bliss. These treats transported me to a whole new level of sensory experience. I highly recommend mungusshrooms.com for their exceptional Trippy Treats. Can’t wait to order more!

  3. Connor Landon

    I noticed many commented, Quick delivery, for sure it was quick though it was in the same city as mine, These chocolates provide a joyful psychedelic journey. Colors seemed brighter, music was entrancing, and uncontrollable laughter ensued. Uplifting and spiritually expanding. Ideal for recreation or creative thinking. Will be ordering again!

  4. Jax Hudson

    Chocolates arrived perfectly fresh. Customer service was informative and helpful. These chocolates provide an enjoyable psychedelic experience. Colors and sounds were enhanced, uncontrollable laughter and joy ensued. Uplifting escape from everyday reality. Will be ordering again for recreation and creative thinking.

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