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Trippy flip milk chocolate bar Made from very high-grade psilocybin extract, cannabis & premium milk chocolate. Reliable, fast & discreet overnight delivery.

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Take pleasure in Psychedelic Bliss while snacking on Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate Bar. 

The latest trend being utilized in edible cannabis is making waves in the market. The Trippy Flip chocolates

These chocolate bars are made from the most amazing mushrooms as well as THC.

providing a psychedelic and thrilling experience for adrenaline junkies and psychonauts.

Continue reading for more about this trippy bar and the many reasons why you should try an excursion with it on your next food trip. 

What is a Trippy Flip Milk Chocolate Bar? 

Trippy Flip Bar is an edible made of chocolate that combines the psilocybin mushroom with THC. 

Psilocybin is a psychoactive compound found in the inoms that causes hallucinogenic effects, and THC is the most common substance in cannabis that’s responsible for the famous marijuana high.

Combining psilocybin and marijuana into one delicious bar, the chocolate bar is chocoholic and provides an energizing and psychedelic experience.

The psilocybin plant offers vivid visuals, mood-enhancing spiritual understanding, as well as sensory changes. THC enhances these effects and gives a feeling of euphoria as well as deep relaxation. 

The Trippy Flip Bars offer you a long psychedelic 6-–8-hour trip that is perfect for psychedelic trips and to improve yoga and meditation, or just for recreational use for those looking for an intense and energetic high. 

trippy flip milk chocolate

How to Prepare for the Trippy Flip: The Trippy Flip Experience

If you eat a chocolate bar made from milk chocolate such as this, it may result in results like:

  • A presence of powerful visual hallucinations can lead to disorientation in your perception.
    Enhanced sound, colors flavors, and colors
  • A sensation of joy in the air, giddiness and laughter
  • A modified view of time and space
  • profound reflection, new perspectives
  • Synesthesia: Combination of senses
  • Feeling of joy and admiration for beauty

Combining cannabis and mushrooms gives a lively high that can fluctuate between the hypnotic psychedelia that mushrooms provide and the relaxing sensations of cannabis. It’s a powerful, transformational experience.

Dosing Tips for Beginners

Chocolate mushrooms can be powerful food products, and a correct dosage is vital. If you’re just beginning, start with a small amount, around 1 to 2 grams. 

It is best to let it completely experience the effects before deciding whether you’d like to take more. If you take it in excessive amounts, it could cause anxiety or even paranoia.

Food and water should be available. Additionally, you should ensure the safety of a secure, safe place. A trustworthy guide can be a source of help and assurance throughout the process. 

Allow the psilocybin mushrooms to guide you. Then, allow the experience to guide you, and you’ll be experiencing profound awakenings.

Where can I find Trippy’s Flip Bars?

If you live in a state where it is legal, such as California or Colorado, you can find trippy-flip snacks at licensed cannabis dispensaries. 

Brands such as Tenacious Eats and Canyon Cultivation have tasty trippy-flip chocolates as well as bars.

In the majority of states, the consumption of magical mushrooms and marijuana is illegal as it restricts access.

Chat with an experienced psychonaut. Browse the forums on magic mushrooms to meet others traveling with you and to discover the psychedelic foods available.

Are you ready for a long-distance flight? 

For the truly awe-inspiring psychological adventurer, trippy flip milk chocolate bars offer some of the most captivating and multi-colored highs that can be experienced with cannabis-based edibles.

The synergistic mix of psilocybin mushrooms and THC can open the doorway to a new realm of consciousness that very few substances can match. 

Your curiosity should lead you to be conscious that substances with psychoactive properties can be powerful tools for exploring your personal world. With these chocolate bars, a memorable trip is waiting for your arrival. Bon voyage!


Trippy flip milk chocolate bar
Trippy Flip milk Chocolate Bar – Next Day Delivery

Twippy Flip Rick and Morty review

Here’s an overview of trippy flips, food, and drinks like Rick and Morty:

*in Rick’s voice*

  • It’s okay, Morty; listen up. Your dear friend Rick here has just received the most recent inter-dimensional psychoedelics. They’re called Trippy Flip Bars.
  • They’re created with similar magical mushrooms to Zorplon-7 and an extremely strong weed directly from the Purpulean Nebula. 
  • “hmmmm” One bite will take you across time, space and many additional dimensions!
  • You’re right, Morty. These trippy Flips are going to completely transform your experience! shrooms can provide a completely different visual and make it feel like your mind is on the move.

And this plant? 

  • WOW, this really baked my buns gorgeous melt. Together, they make for one wild and unbelievable journey! *belch*
  • Do you want to have a sexy time with your old pal Rick and embark on an adventure into the psychedelic world? This is an ingredient that makes acid look like a game designed for youngsters Morty.
  • Your eyes will be movin! Be cool and don’t be afraid as Jerry. I’ll ensure that we are free from The Gazorpazorps.
  • We’ll snack on these psychedelic chocolates while we allow our minds to drift off into endless dreams and a trance-like real life. 
  • It’s possible that we’re in a universe where every thing is oncob! This could alter your perception of your universe Morty. Is it prepared to be riggity riggity dismantled? I’m here for you, my dear son!
  • C’mooooon! Flip the journey Morty! This is the best sci-fi available! Don’t be a square, let’s turn it into an entire galaxy by trying the trippy Flips!
  • It’s enough evidence to persuade you. Give me some of these mysterious spaces bars. It’s time for me to become super fast!


Trippy flip
Buy Trippy Flip milk Chocolate Bar – Next Day Delivery

Review of Trippy Flip General Review of the Psychedelic Chocolate Bar Experience

Trippy Flip food items are gaining popularity among cannabis and psychedelic users because of their ability to alter the mind. 

They refer to food items that have THC and marijuana as well as psilocybin, which is a magical mushroom. 

Combining the two psychoactive ingredients, trippy food items provide an exhilarating psychedelic sensation unlike other foods.

What can you expect from the Trippy Flip Eating Pods?

The trippy taste of a food that is flip-eating can create a psychedelic, intense experience lasting between 6 and 8 hours, or more.

The effects are:

High-quality visual and auditory hallucinations
improved sensory perception sensation of texture, taste and color
Distortions in time as well as perceptions of space
Deep and spiritual understanding
Giggles and euphoria that are uncontrollable fits
Synesthesia: Mixing of senses
Feeling lifted, amazed by the beauty

The psilocybin ingredient causes mystical psychedelic experiences, and the THC enhances these effects and gives an exhilarating body high. 

Trippy flips are extremely potent, even for more experienced users. Begin by taking a small dosage and slowly increasing the dosage. 

Trippy Flip Chocolate Bar Reviews

Chocolate bars are a popular way to consume trippy flips. Here’s a brief review of some of the top trippy flip bars:

Enacious Eats Trippy Flip Bar

It has the equivalent of 2 grams of dried mushrooms and fifty milligrams of THC.

The high is described by users as “blissfully trippy” and a “spiritual awakening”. 

It takes between 60 and 90 minutes for the effect to start.

Shroom Bros., Trippy Hippy Chocolate

It includes 1.5 grams of mushrooms and 10 mg of THC. The result is a more relaxing trippy experience, which is great for people new to the world. new.

People love “cosmic giggles” as well as “mystical magical chocolate“. 

Vert Trippy Flip

The product includes 5 grams of mushrooms as well as 100 mg of THC for experienced customers. 

It provides a “roller coaster of hallucinogenic euphoria,” according to the reviews of people who have been satisfied with the product.

Medicinal Mushroom Chocolate Bar

For those who are more selective, this bar contains 3.5 grams of mushrooms as well as microdosed THC. This is a powerful, deep, contemplative journey that is focused on the psychoeliac nature of the mushrooms.

Tips to Make Your First Flip Trippy

If you’re planning to venture into this world of flip-trippy foods, ensure you are safe and well-informed. 

  • Start with a very low. 2.5mg THC/0.5g mushrooms
  • Do not mix it with alcohol or other substances.
  • Make a schedule. Make plans to travel the entire day.
  • Make use of a secure comfortable, familiar setting, as well as the ability to use a trip sitter.
  • Relax to let your mushrooms lead your journey.
  • Drink plenty of water and keep nutritious snacks inside your purse.
  • Be positive before tripping.

While intensely psychedelic and trippy, the flips can be incredibly transformative and meaningful. 

Be sure to handle these powerful substances with respect. 

Let this adventure be a magical journey to new levels!


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8 reviews for Trippy flip milk chocolate bar

  1. Ryan T

    Trippy Flip bars are my new favorite psychedelic treat! They produced a profoundly transcendent 6 hour trip. I felt one with the universe and returned deeply inspired. Grabs your mind and takes it on a magical journey – highly recommend!

  2. Adrien Tailor

    The Trippy Flip bar enveloped me in an unbelievable 8-hour trip! The visuals were out of this world – I felt transported to a magical forest. I gained deep spiritual insights. The chocolate tasted divine too. Highly recommended for fellow psychonauts!

  3. Marcos P

    For my first psychedelic experience, the Trippy Flip bar was amazing. I felt euphoric laughter, saw awesome colors and shapes, and gained meaningful introspection. My friend tried it too and we bonded deeply. The ideal trip!

  4. Robertson Allie

    I LOVED my trippy flip journey – the shrooms and weed synergy was blissful. I would give 5 stars but my bar melted a bit in shipping. Otherwise a total blast, can’t wait to go cosmic with Trippy again!

  5. Cael Rogers

    Trippy Flip bars are my new favorite psychedelic treat! They produced a profoundly transcendent 6 hour trip. I felt one with the universe and returned deeply inspired. Grabs your mind and takes it on a magical journey – highly recommend!

  6. James Patterson

    I had an amazing time tripping on the Trippy Flip bar with friends. We laughed hysterically for hours and I saw crazy visuals. We all felt spiritually rejuvenated the next day. My only complaint was the chocolate wasn’t super tasty.

  7. Mike Ron

    The Trippy Flip chocolate bar is the best psychedelic edible I’ve tried – even better than molly or acid! The THC and shroom synergy made for an extraordinary, life changing trip. Well worth the money, I will buy again!

  8. Andrew Meyer

    The Trippy Flip bar took me on a wild psychedelic ride with life changing visions and spiritual awakening. I wish the shrooms were distributed more evenly through the chocolate but otherwise awesome. I’ll be back for my next mind-bending adventure!

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