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Experience the magic of chocolate from the universe. Treat yourself to ethereal confections that will transport you to another dimension.


Experience the magic of chocolate from the universe. Treat yourself to ethereal confections that will transport you to another dimension.

Are you looking forward to an unforgettable chocolate experience that will take you on an unforgettable journey?

Take a look at our delicious chocolate bar with mushrooms, which is also referred to as psychedelic or mushroom chocolate. 

More to that, the unique treat blends the silky smoothness of high-end chocolate with the mind-altering properties of specially chosen mushrooms.

Thus, We take pride in creating truly mushroom-infused products, and our chocolate with mushroom bar is a genuine pleasure.

With each bite, you’ll be able to taste the delicious fusion of the rich chocolate and the captivating force of the mushroom.


What is chocolate from the universe?

Across the universe, psychedelic chocolates pack scientifically proven positive ingredients for mental health.

Yet, Skotch was asked to assist in the creation of branding identity, along with the design of the packaging for the brand’s new name,

which is still in its early stages but is able to penetrate the market effectively.

Order Chocolate from the universe: The Oregon-based chocolate brand is out of the world, literally.

Additionally, Chocolate from the Universe is the perfect choice for those who want to experience a new taste and boost their mental health.

Obviously, These chocolates are more than just a delicious treat.

The chocolates contain ingredients that actively promote mental health, aiming to improve your mood and enhance overall well-being.

Enjoy each delicious bite to experience a surge of creativity, improved focus, and inner peace.

As a result, Each bite will take you on an astronomical journey that will tantalize your senses and nourish both body and mind. 

Prepare to take your chocolate experience to a new level!

Why choose our psychedelic mushroom chocolate from the Universe?

1. Delicious Flavors: Our mushroom chocolate bar comes with a range of delicious flavors that will please your palate.

From rich dark chocolate to rich milk chocolate, and more amazing combinations, we have a wide range of choices that will leave you wanting more.

2. Mind-altering Effects: infused with an exact dosage of mushrooms Our chocolate will take you on a psychedelic trip.

The enchanting fungi contain natural substances that can offer diverse experiences, including increased creativity,

Altered perceptions, and a stronger connection to one’s environment.

3. Top Ingredients: We take great care to select the best ingredients to create a delicious chocolate bar that enthralls your senses and improves your well being.

We create each bar with love and attention to ensure that every bite delivers a smooth and delicious experience.

4. The chocolate bar made of mushrooms was designed to be discrete and easy to use, offering distinctiveness and convenience.

It is available in an easily portable format that lets you enjoy the mind-bending effects of wherever you travel.

It’s the ideal companion for your trips or quiet moments.

Place your order for chocolate mushrooms now!

Discover the extraordinary combination of chocolate and psychedelic mushrooms when you purchase our chocolate bar with mushrooms.

Undeniably, Experience the ultimate fusion of tastes and new-found possibilities.

Don’t miss this amazing dessert that will entice your taste buds as well as expand your horizons.

Make your purchase now and start your adventure of discovery and wonder!

All things considered, Discover your secrets to chocolate and mushrooms by tasting our psychedelic mushroom chocolate.

In similar fashion, Learn the power of this enchanting combination and let it take you to new horizons of taste and sensation.

Get your order now and embark on an amazing experience with chocolate mushroom!

Chocolate from the universe buy online
Chocolate from the universe buy online

More about the Chocolate from the universe

The most important aspect of making the product come into existence can be the packaging.

The last step for this type of product We wanted to develop a design for packaging that would appeal to customers.

feel’ the user experience that comes with it. the product in a way to such an extent that they don’t wish to dispose of it.

Another key point is, It was a combination of the use of textured paper and galactic-themed background images and

the gold foil effect on the communication elements of the package, including the logo and the constellation.

Buy these popular chocolate truffles of mushrooms now from MungusShrooms, including delivery and shipping right to your door.

More to that, The seeds of the tropical cocoa plant make up the chocolate, and it was first used in the United States.

Following the discovery of America by the Europeans, chocolate became very sought-after in other regions of the world, and demand for it grew.

As we all know, Chocolate is now a sought-after food due to its unique quality and richness. It is sweet-tasting and is loved by millions each day.

What is chocolate?

  • In all likelihood, what is chocolate? They are a palatable product made with cacao.
  • However, current food manufacturers have extended the definition of food to include
  • There are several amazing blends that are clearly remarkable and also delicious.
  • Regardless of where it’s served, what imaginative varieties of chocolate have we created?

  • The easiest of our wants, as a rule, is candy, a resemblance to it, or that delicious coffee.
  • Perhaps the most intriguing creations are chocolate-covered insects and eclair-like treats filled with chocolate.

  • In addition, there are chips that are chocolate-covered sun-dried tomatoes and chips.
  • Jalapeno peppers and bacon, meat jerky, and even calamari—be however you like.
  • Certainly, the majority of us don’t need to go through these steps of action in order to enjoy the best taste of sour at any time.


Chocolate from the universe buy online
Chocolate from the universe

A chocolate bar made of mushrooms, and psychedelic chocolate shrooms

  • Activate your senses by experimenting with psychedelic mushroom chocolate. Take a bite of the perfect blend of rich chocolate and enchanting mushrooms.

  • Are you looking forward to an unforgettable chocolate experience that will take you on an unforgettable trip? Check out our chocolate bar with mushrooms, which is also referred to as psychedelic chocolate.
  • But, this unique confection combines the silky smoothness of premium chocolate with the mind-altering properties of specially chosen mushrooms.
  • In our shop, we are proud to create exquisite products infused with mushrooms. Our chocolate bar made with mushrooms is an absolute delight.
  • Every bite you take, you’ll delight in the sensational combination of delicious chocolate and the captivating potential of mushrooms.


Why should you pick our chocolate psychedelic mushrooms?

1. Delicious Flavors: Our mushroom chocolate bar is bursting with a variety of enthralling flavors to delight your palate.

From rich dark chocolate to smooth milk chocolate, as well as special mixes, we have a variety of choices that will make you want more.

2. Mind-altering Effects: Infusing the precise dosage of mushrooms Our chocolate transports you on a trip through psychedelics.

Additionally, the natural substances found in these fungi can provide unique experiences,

such as increasing creativity, altering perceptions, and strengthening the relationship with the world around you.

3. High-Quality Ingredients: We carefully select the best ingredients to make a chocolate bar that enthralls your senses and improves your wellbeing.

We create every bar with care and love, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience with every bite.

4. Convenient and discreet; The designers intended the chocolate bar made of mushrooms to be discreet and practical.

It is available in a portable and easy-to-use package that lets you enjoy the mind-blowing effects of wherever you travel.

It’s the ideal companion for your trips or even for your quiet moments.


Get your Mushroom chocolate from the universe now!

Enjoy the heavenly combination of rich chocolate with psychedelic mushrooms by using the Mushroom Chocolate Bar.

Experience the ultimate fusion of flavors and mind-altering power. 

Don’t miss this amazing treat that is sure to delight your taste buds and open your mind.

However, The time has come to place your order and begin an adventure of discovery!

Discover all the mysteries of chocolate and mushrooms by tasting our psychedelic chocolate mushrooms.

Learn the power behind this magical mix and let it take you into new realms of taste and experience.

As can be seen, don’t delay any longer to purchase now and plunge into a thrilling experience with us chocolate and mushrooms!

FAQs about chocolate from the universe

– What chocolates are named after space?

Some chocolates that are named after space include; Galaxy, Milky Way, and Mars bars.

So, these celestial-inspired treats not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also transport you to the vastness of the universe with every bite.

Indulge in these cosmic confections and let your taste buds explore the galaxies of flavor.


– What is world’s best chocolate?

The world’s best chocolate is subjective and varies depending on personal taste preferences.

Some popular contenders for the title include; Swiss chocolates, Belgian chocolates,

And specialty artisanal chocolates from various regions around the world.

– What is the healthiest chocolate?

Basically, When it comes to determining the healthiest chocolate, it’s important to consider the cocoa content and quality.

Dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa solids, ideally 70% or more, tends to be a healthier option

as it contains less sugar and more antioxidants compared to milk or white chocolate.

Additionally, choosing organic or fair-trade options can also contribute to a healthier

choice by avoiding harmful additives and supporting sustainable practices.

– What does chocolate do spiritually?

The association of pleasure and indulgence with chocolate leads people to believe that it has a spiritual impact.

Some people believe that consuming chocolate can enhance their mood, promote relaxation,

and even stimulate feelings of love and connection.

Furthermore, certain spiritual practices have utilized chocolate as an offering or a symbol of abundance and gratitude.

– Is the infinite chocolate trick real?

Magicians perform the infinite chocolate trick as an illusion, and it is not a real phenomenon.

Likewise, It involves cleverly manipulating the audience’s perception to create the illusion of infinite chocolate.

The trick relies on sleight of hand and misdirection techniques to make it seem like the chocolate

keeps multiplying, when in reality, it’s just a cleverly executed trick.

– Is there a Galaxy chocolate?

Yes, Galaxy chocolate exists. It is a popular brand of chocolate renowned for its smooth and creamy texture.

– What candy has a space name?

The candy that has a space name is Milky Way.

The chocolate bar, Milky Way, derives its name from the galaxy and is famous for its creamy nougat and caramel filling.

– What candy is named after a planet?

The popular chocolate bar named Mars, which first debuted in 1932, derives its name from a planet.

– What is chocolate food of the gods answer?

Due to its rich and indulgent flavor, chocolate often earns the moniker “food of the gods.”

Many consider it a luxurious treat that has been enjoyed for centuries.

– Does chocolate mean food of the gods? 

Yes, The ingredients packed in the chocolates promote mental health, improve your mood, and promote overall wellbeing.

Meanwhile, Ancient civilizations believed that consuming chocolate was a divine experience, and they traced its origins back.

– What is the explanation of infinite chocolate? 

The concept of infinite chocolate refers to a hypothetical scenario where there is an unlimited supply of chocolate.

However, Various fields often employ this idea as a thought experiment to explore the concept of infinity and its implications.

such as mathematics and philosophy. It allows us to consider questions about the nature of abundance,

the limits of resources, and the potential consequences of infinite availability.

– Why was chocolate kept a secret? 

The secretiveness surrounding chocolate stemmed from its initial exclusivity to the elite and wealthy.

Moreover, the complex and time-consuming process of making chocolate contributed to its rarity and value as a commodity.


– Best chocolate from the universe

Specialty stores offer the best chocolate from the universe.

at mungusshrooms.com, or online retailers that specialize in gourmet chocolates.

These retailers source their chocolate from different regions around the world,

ensuring a wide variety of flavors and quality options for chocolate enthusiasts.

– Chocolate from the universe where to buy

Order it from our online store at mungusshrooms.com.

Generally, We provide fast and discreet, reliable shipping to your address within 24 hours.

– Chocolate from the universe price

  • Depending on the brand, quality, and place of purchase, the price of chocolate from the universe can vary
  •  At mungusshrooms.com, you can get a sale price of $380.
  • Specialty stores and online retailers often offer a range of prices to accommodate different budgets.
  • Additionally, some retailers may offer discounts or promotions on chocolate from the universe, making it more affordable for customers.

– Chocolates from the Universe Review

When considering purchasing chocolates from the universe, it can be helpful to read reviews from other customers.

Indeed, these reviews can provide insights into the taste, texture, and overall quality of the chocolates.

Additionally, they can also help in determining if the price is worth the investment.


– Chocolates from the universe ingredients

Can vary depending on the specific flavor or type of chocolate.

As previously mentioned, common ingredients include; cocoa beans, sugar, milk powder, magic mushrooms, and various flavorings or fillings.

So therefore, It is important to check the ingredient list for any potential allergens or dietary restrictions before making a purchase.

– Buy chocolates from the universe Instagram.

You can order chocolate from the universe on our Instagram page or website

so, To ensure that you receive high-quality chocolates made with the finest ingredients.

Above all, reading customer reviews can give you insights into the taste and overall satisfaction of previous buyers,

helping you make an informed decision before making a purchase.

Conclusively, we recommend clients to Order chocolates from.the universe now at competitive prices!

5 reviews for Buy Chocolate from the universe

  1. Mike Stephens

    As a fan of dark chocolate, I have to say that Chocolate from the Universe exceeded my expectations. The chocolate was rich and smooth, with a nice balance of bitterness and sweetness. I only wish there was a bit more variety in the dark chocolate flavors.

  2. Daniel Parker

    Chocolate from the Universe is definitely a treat for the taste buds. The range of flavors is impressive, and each bar is infused with natural herbs that give it a unique and interesting edge. The only downside is that the bars are a bit expensive, so it’s not something I can indulge in regularly. But for a special occasion or a treat for myself, I’ll definitely be reaching for this chocolate again.

  3. Olivia Chen

    I really appreciate that Chocolate from the Universe uses ethically sourced cocoa and all-natural ingredients. You can definitely taste the quality and care that goes into each bar. I tried the white chocolate with lemon and ginger, and it was a unique and delicious flavor combination. My only complaint is that I wish the bars were a bit larger!

  4. jackson willy

    This chocolate is out of this world! The flavor is rich, decadent and complex. A small piece gave me a peaceful, blissful sensation that lasted for hours. It’s made from the highest quality Ecuadorian cocoa beans infused with an exotic blend of mushrooms. A truly cosmic experience. For those seeking spiritual enlightenment or a glimpse of the divine, look no further.

  5. Thomas Jefferson

    What an amazing magical experience! This chocolate opened my mind and took me to a place of pure bliss. The combination of the finest Ecuadorian cocoa with mystical spices is pure genius. For those seeking an otherworldly experience, look no further than this Chocolate from the Universe.

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