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    Mr. Mushies Chocolate Bar 4g


    Wholesale and Retail Offers on Mr. Mushroom Chocolate Bars

    Intense stimulation of the senses, profound depression, and time distortion are the results of greater doses. At the designated time, you’ll be gently brought down from the skies where you were floating. Imagine a sea of genuine peace that is always ebbing and flowing over you. Mr. Mushroom’s Wholesale Chocolate Covered Mushroom Bars

    Magic mushroom extract is the active ingredient in Mr.Mushies bars. It tastes just like chocolate, but it can lift your spirits for hours. A chocolate bar from Mushies is the ideal present. It has the greatest flavor because it is made with magic mushrooms, and your taste buds will be begging for more. Purchase Mr. Mushroom Chocolate Bars in Bulk From the Internet